Jonas Hiller fulfills his Smart Home dream with SARAH


Jonas Hiller fulfills his Smart Home dream with SARAH

The Swiss national hockey team’s goalie Jonas Hiller has been back for Switzerland for about a year. The goalie for EHC Biel has already properly settled down here and fulfilled his dream of a Smart Home..

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On the ice, the 35-year-old is doing well. Hiller already secured an early spot in the playoffs with EHC Biel/Bienne. After an impressive career with nine years in the NHL, the best league in the world, he managed a successful come back to Switzerland. The father of a daughter has not only professionally reached his goal, but also reached privately his homeland. The Canton of Bern, the tech-savvy Hiller settled down with his family. In order to turn his house into an oasis of personal wellbeing, he decided to include intelligent House Technology when building a new house. This saves him now various daily tasks.

Jonas Hiller mit EHC Biel Tasche

The vision of the Smart Home

Hiller always knew that the house he wanted to build, should be a ‘real Smart Home’. Already during his time in the US, the native of Appenzell tinkered around with various Smart Home systems. Most of them communicated exclusively through Wi-Fi and their reliability often left something to be desired. Nevertheless, the technology enthusiastic goalie from Appenzell held on to his vision of an intelligent home.
Once back in Switzerland, he researched and looked at various systems. The combination with SARAH and digitalSTROM as a control system convinced him the most. The decisive points for him were digitalSTROM’s flexibility in changes as well as SARAHsuser-friendliness.The system needed to be able to grow and develop together with his young family and the keyboards and devices needed to be configurable with various, changing functions and features. In any case, the system also needed to be simple and intuitive to use for guests.

Sitzplatz intelligente Villa

The house takes care of its duties on its own

What does Hiller like best about his Smart Home? “The features ‘come’ and ‘leave’ and the system’s flexibility and extensibility.” His wife Karolina also appreciates the ‘sleep’ mode, which puts the entire house into sleep mode by using the bedside lamp.
Also automations like ‘bad weather’ are very practical for the young family, which travels a lot. The weather sensors react to rain and automatically close the blinds. The house even knows if there’s hail in advance and pulls up the blinds completely, so that they don’t get damaged.


The most practical functions for me are ‘come’ and ‘leave’. When I leave the house, I just push the ‘leave’ button on my iPhone or tap the light switch tice. The house takes care of the rest.schlusszeichen_hubware

Jonas Hiller, Ice Hockey Professional

The configuration of the Smart Home using the integrator and the hubware Partner SmartWire requires roughly a year after the installation. In cooperation with the residents, actuators and sensors are configured and adjusted according to the needs of the residents and the local circumstances.
All electrical works were done by aerni elektro from Bern.

SARAH UI and Server

Read the full article (in German) in Sonntagszeitung from 28.02.2017

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