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What we all already know: We operate lights, blinds, multimedia systems, simply all the equipment in our house with manual handles. What we should know today at the latest: Let devices “work”. Most devices can be connected – but by themselves they are not yet intelligent. This is where SARAH2 comes into the picture: SARAH2 intelligently connects these IoT devices and bus systems. A simple user interface makes operation simple. SARAH2 takes over numerous tasks in the background for us thanks to many clever automations. SARAH2 lets us live comfortably, gives us security, makes our home energy efficient and allows us to spend more time with the beautiful things in life. Connect your worlds too, let us introduce SARAH2 to you.

sarah2 smart home system


The clear, intuitive operation – awarded Best of Swiss App, category IoT – enables different residents and users to set up and individualize moods and automations. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. A simple web interface makes it easy to install SARAH2 with little effort.

SARAH2 Android Google App Store
SARAH2 iOS Apple App Store


In the Smart Home, the SARAH2 server represents the central intelligence of the Smart Home system. The new, powerful and compact Smart Home server offers the latest premium hardware with industry standard, including 5 years warranty. In addition to numerous home automation systems and IoT devices, SARAH2 is now compatible with the German market leader Homematic and is characterized by its unique security – thanks to local data storage and end-to-end encrypted communication. With SARAH2 a Smart Home can also be operated without an Internet connection.

  • Intel Celeron(R) CPU J3455 8GB RAM
  • 2 network connections with 1 GB/s each
  • Integrated SSD hard drive
  • Reliable fanless cooling


SARAH2 increases living comfort. Thanks to moods and intelligent automation, the system takes over numerous everyday tasks and many repetitive actions can be saved. The operation is high-quality and intuitive.

Energy efficient

When you leave the house, the ‘walking’ mood switches off unnecessary power consumers with one touch. If you are not at home for a long time, SARAH2 adjusts the temperature downwards and leads to an efficient use of energy.


My home is my castle. Thanks to the ‘Monitoring’ and ‘Security’ services, the Smart Home contributes to personal security and unusual events are reported at an early stage. The security of the system itself is the key: this is ensured by consistent local data storage and end-to-end encrypted communication.


SARAH2 continues to develop – consistently independent of technology. Every day, work is being done to integrate new devices and systems into SARAH2 and to extend its functionality. Residents can customize SARAH2 to their own taste and add new functions such as moods and automation directly on the app.

smart home haus

Smart Services

Intercom System

SARAH2 icon gegensprechanlage

This service links the intercom system with the app. If the doorbell rings, the app can be used to communicate with visitors. This is also possible outside the home network.


SARAH2 icon ansichten

With the service Views SARAH2 offers the possibility to visualize the Smart Home. Photos and floor plans help the residents to operate the Smart Home.


SARAH2 icon wetter

The weather service provides access to the current and future weather data of SARAH’s current location. By default, the service displays the current weather data on the overview page. In addition, the data can be used as parameters for various services (automation, climate, etc.).


SARAH2 smart home licht icon automation

SARAH performs the required actions on defined triggers. For example, it can be defined that all roller shutters close and the light in the home lights up if a thunderstorm comes up. Building automation helps to save energy and makes intelligent living possible.


SARAH2 icon sicherheit

Sensors already installed can be combined in the security service to monitor the smart home. If unwanted events occur due to fire or water, the occupant is alerted before any major damage occurs. SARAH becomes a personalized alarm system.

External Access

SARAH2 icon zugriff

The service “External Access” offers the possibility to maintain SARAH remotely.
It can be activated for different periods of time, offers a login and a password with which e.g. an integrator can access SARAH via the web browser. If the access is not enabled, no one but the residents can access SARAH.

Video Surveillance

SARAH2 icon ueberwachung

In the Surveillance service, the live images and recorded events of all installed and configured cameras can be accessed. Residents can always see what is happening at home.


SARAH2 icon smart home thermostat klima

The climate service regulates the control of heating and ventilation. Temperatures can be set for individual rooms or entire areas and can be adjusted individually or according to a schedule. The pre-configured Eco and Comfort modes allow the climate mode of the entire house to be changed at the touch of a button.

sarah2 smart home house


SARAH2 offers – in comparison to the commercially available stand-alone solutions – an expandable, cross-technology Smart Home platform. Current Smart Home standards such as KNX, Homematic, digitalSTROM and IoT devices are intelligently and securely networked with each other.
The system can be installed in a short time and becomes a Smart Home Assistant for the whole family with minimal effort.

The graphic below shows which devices and fieldbus systems SARAH2 have connected so far. The list of compatible devices is constantly being expanded. If something is missing, please contact us here.


We recommend that the installation and planning of a Smart Home is carried out by one of our specialist partners.

No suitable partner found? Contact us and we will get in touch with your partner!

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