SVEN digital assistant


The digital assistant for your home

SVEN combines the digitalSTROM Smart Home features on an intuitively operated screen. This includes the regulation of temperature and light as well as additional online and meteorological services. When the door bell rings, SVEN turns into a video intercom and therefore becomes your apartment’s full-fledged digital assistant.
SVEN offers cost-effective new possibilities for rental administrations. Due to the individual communication with the tenant information can be more easily exchanged and allows the living of the future.

SVEN digitalstrom visualization


Central control of the entire home

Control light and shade

Central temperature control

Integrated Weather Service


Constant control over your power consumption

Monitor power consumption

Save electricity

Eco-Mode for the whole apartment


The interface to the outside world

Notifications for alerts

Integrated video intercom

Smart Living Services (offered by third party provider)

digitalSTROM basic features

SVEN combines the digitalSTROM functions conveniently arranged on a touch panel. This includes not only the regulation of temperature, light and shade, but also the monitoring of your own power consumption.
If an inhabitant leaves his apartment, he can turn off electrical devices and at the same time activate a presence simulation by touching the ‘Leave’ button.

‘Plug-and-play’ installation

The installation of SVEN doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. The 7″ touch panel, which exists in an InWall panel and as a free standing version, automatically reads the necessary data from the existing digitalSTROM server. The pre-installed software will take you directly to the menu.
A single PoE (Power over Ethernet) cable ensures power supply and network connectivity (alternatively you can use a power adaptor).

Video intercom (SVEN GSA)

SVEN is more than a visualization of your Smart Home. If somebody rings your door bell at the entrance, SVEN emits an audiovisual signal using the loudspeaker and a built-in LED light. If you’re watching TV at the same time, you can suppress the ringing by using the ‘do not disturb’ mode.
Even for large housing complexes with a central intercom system, SVEN enables video communication with the visitor and unlocking the door.


SVEN Basic

digitalSTROM visualization

SVEN Basic displays digitalSTROM features on an intuitive, controllable screen. £These include not only the regulation of temperature or light and shade, but also additional onine and weather services.
The cost-effective system SVEN also provides new possibilities for rental administrations. Thanks to individual communication with the tenant, information can be more easily exchanged, thus enabling living in the future.

smart home tablet sven
digitalstrom klemmen


digitalSTROM visualization + video intercom

Besides all features of SVEN Basic, SVEN GSA also provides a video intercom. If somebody rings your door bell at the entrance, SVEN emits an audiovisual signal using the speakers and the built-in LED light and displays you the visitor on the screen.

This is possible thanks to SVEN hub, which connects all the individual digitalSTROM smart homes of the house with the intercom.

digitalstrom gegensprechanlage
gegensprechanlage schema mit digitalstrom




User manual

Installation guideline



Product features

  • Full pre-installed SVEN App

  • Plug-and-play installation

  • SVEN can be flush-mounted or be placed as a free standing display

  • Scope of delivery

    • 7” Touchpanel
    • Retaining foot for free standing mount
    • Mains adapter
    • Frame for in-wall mount

Technical details

  • Dimensions display: 182 x 121 x 26 mm (W x H x D))

  • Two embedded microphones (SVEN GSA), no camera

  • Embedded LED stripe

  • Power adapter (100-240V AC-IN, 12V DC Out/1.5A)

  • Max. power consumption via PoE: 12.95W

  • Connections: RJ45 (PoE compatible), WLAN, DC in

  • Installation schemas and instructions
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